Canon C300 handle / mic placement

When working in crowded or bright environments I like using my Canon C300 with the monitor assembly removed but still using the top handle to carry the camera around. If you want to record basic audio in this configuration though you have to use the 3.5mm mic jack on the side using something like a Rode Videomic Pro.

The problem though is that the cold shoe placement on C300’s handle makes the handle unusable when a mic is fitted to it, it ends up looking something like this…


What we really need is the mic to be fitted to the front cold shoe, but that’s a vertical shoe so the mic would be pointing in totally the wrong direction and would just look silly. Something like this mockup I made would be better, I’m sure Rode would produce a much more elegant solution than my feeble hack job though.


That way the handle can still be used and the mic is out of the way above the lens. It would be nice if it was smaller though. Something more compact would be great, maybe even a stereo mic?


So there you go manufacturers, a small shoe mounted mic for the C300 would be really useful, oh and remember where you got the idea when it comes to field testing your wonderful creations! ;)

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4 Responses

  1. Mitchell Powers says:

    Yep, this is bothersome. Here’s a hinged version:

  2. Phil Balsdon says:

    A lightweight ball mount will enable you to mount the mike at 90ยบ to the front hot shoe. The Rode has a 1/4″ thread in the base. I have a mount from many years ago that’s very small and light with only an adjustable angle instead of rotatable ball head, but can’t find anything similar online.

  3. Terry Wilson says:

    Is there not some kind of adapter that would twist the socket 90 degress so the mic could be at the left or right of the handle? No idea if this exists – might be something to look for?


    • Paul Joy says:

      Hi Terry. Yes there are adapters that can do that but ultimately it ends up being a little bit fudged. I prefer the idea of having a small mic module designed for the job.

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