Canon EOS C300 Custom Picture Profile

I’ve had a few people ask if I would consider sharing the Canon EOS C300 Custom Picture Profile / Scene Files I created and used on the video I did for Harley-Davidson in St Topez recently. The picture profile is now available for download if you want to try it out. Just remember this is more of a ‘baked in’ look, see the video below for examples of how it looks, the C300 shots were not colour corrected in this video.

Download the file here: Paul Joy’s Canon EOS C300 Picture Profile

I need to give a shout out to people who’s profiles I tried before creating mine as I leaned a lot from them. Alister ChapmanAbel Cine, Kevin Ritchie and the BBC’s recommendations all helped me to understand what different settings would achieve. Another great resource was Art Adams ‘Stunning Good Looks‘ post about correcting white balance on the C300.

The zip file contains a single preset file which will replace the setting you have in the SD1 position. Make sure you back up your existing SD1 setting first!

Let me know how this works for you. The setting is called PJOY1080 because it’s set up for 1080p shooting. I have another one for 720p but I’m still perfecting that and I’ll share it once I’m happy with it.

Harley-Davidson® Euro Festival 2012
Harley-Davidson® Euro Festival 2012

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5 Responses

  1. Diego Perrona says:

    Hi Paul!
    Is there any chance you can use those nice settings and make the same Custom Picture Profile for the C100! wud highly ppreciate it! =D

    • Paul Joy says:

      Already done Diego…



  2. Diego Perrona says:

    I’m so pissed off with this camera now, or maybe this macbook =/
    I can’t just get one single .CPF file (Picture profile) to work…
    why is it so hard to just transfer a *** file… I’ve tried everything

    format the SD card
    different SD cards downloaded different Picture profiles
    copy the files into directory structure: PRIVATE\C_PICT\

    the file is not there doesnt show up on the Custom Picture menu,

    I’ve did follow Paul Joy instructions as well

    1. With an SD card inserted in the C100 copy one of the standard custom picture profiles from the camera to the SD card using the transfer option with the custom picture menu. This just creates the required folder structure, if you already have custom picture settings on the card then this isn’t required.

    2. Eject the card from the camera and mount it on a computer. You will see a main enclosing package called ‘PRIVATE’, right click on that and choose ‘show package contents’.

    3. Now you should see a folder named C_PICT, place the C100 picture profiles in that folder and then eject the card.

    4. Re-insert the card into the C100, go to the custom picture menu and either select the profiles direct from the SD card or copy them to the camera.

    • nicola says:

      did you work it out.
      I had the same problem
      resolve is:
      go straight to the CUSTOM PICTURE menu.
      Go to SET CP
      You will find that camera lists all the CPs not just the ones on your camera (i.e. the ones on your SD card will also show up there, listed as SD1″name”).
      Pick the CP from your SD card that you like.
      One that is done scroll down to the bottom option on left side. (square with arrows), and select COPY TO CAMERA
      good luck

  3. Chris Albert says:

    Hey Paul,

    Thanks for the profile. I’m just getting up and running with the C300 and after downloading and sampling a few others out there yours seemed to give the most pleasing, natural look/skin tones etc.

    If you’ve done any more tweaking I’d be interested to play with it. (Yes, you’re doing all the hard work here, but I definitely appreciate it.)

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