Bluestar Eye Cushions – a little bit of luxury for your face.

Bluestar eye cushions

I’ve been using Bluestar Eye Cushions on my cameras and viewfinders for a few years now, they are one of those little luxuries that once you’ve tried you just can’t live without. Using a camera without an eye cushion now feels like wearing shoes without socks!

Bluestar eye cushion range

Bluestar make a wide range of sizes for various viewfinders, they come in three materials, natural chamois, Microfibre & Fleece. The micro-fibre option comes in eight colours which is very handy if you need to quickly identify cameras. The fleece eye cushions come in four colours and are the most gentle on the skin, great if you like to snuggle in to your camera!

Bluestar eye cushion fitted to Canon C300

It’s not all about comfort though, there are other advantages. Firstly they form a much better seal allowing you to cut out external light. Also, using an eye cushion in humid or hot locations the eye cushion will absorb the sweat that forms around your eyes and stop it from getting on to your viewfinder. In my experience they also reduce misting for the same reasons. Anyone who’s worked on hot sets or locations will know that having the rubber eye cup pressed to your face is not a nice experience, these make all the difference.

Fitting it straightforward although it can be quite tricky with larger eye cups, it’s nothing that a bit of fiddling can’t resolve.

Bluestar eye cushion fitted to Canon C300

Until recently none of the Bluestar Eye Cusions would fit the C300 but that’s been resolved now with the introduction of the ‘Extra Large Oval’ size. As you can see from the photo above it’s a perfect fit. I’m over the moon to have a little bit of comfort back with the C300.

If you’re interesting in trying some out for yourself visit Golden Nova who carry each size and colour in stock. They retail for around $5 each so once you find one that works well for you it’s worth grabbing a few and keeping some spares in your kit bag.

Alternatively most of the Bluestar range are carried by B&H Photo

The samples shown in this review were kindly supplied by Golden Nova.

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6 Responses

  1. Derek says:

    I lost my stock rubber eye cup for the C300. This looks like it fits over top of it, is that true? I wouldn’t be so lucky that this would replace the stock eye cup would I?

  2. James says:

    Hi Paul,

    I’d really like to get something like this for the old Kpachoropck-3 16mm camera.
    Do you know if any will fit? I’m sure one will even if some modifications are needed.



  3. Sheldon Charron says:

    Thanks so much!

  4. Sheldon Charron says:

    Hi Paul.

    I’m about to order one for my c100, but not sure which size to get, and round or oval. Can you tell me which size you use for your c100? Thanks!

    • Paul Joy says:

      The one that fits the C100 is ‘Extra Small Round’. It’s not a super tight fit but it does make using the C100’s EVF easier.

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