C300 Custom Picture files updated for firmware

I sent my Canon C300 in to have the latest firmware installed by Canon UK, the firmware contains a fix for the green fringe issue that I reported when I first got the C300. Interestingly it also changes the way the camera’s colour balance is set up slightly so I’ve had to update my custom picture profiles that are designed specifically to match the C300 with the C100.

The updated files can be downloaded here. For more details see my post about the files.


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2 Responses

  1. Mark Dobson says:

    Hi Paul, just interested to find out where you had your firmware upgrade done and how long it took.

    And how is your fringing issue now? I’ve also read elsewhere that as well as installing the firmware work is also carried out to seal the sensor.

    I’ve not come across the fringing issue you encountered and wonder whether there are other benefits to be had through getting this update.



    • Paul Joy says:

      Hi Mark

      I called Canon CPS and told them I’d like the firmware installed to solve the fringing and also have the fan replaced. The service centre is in Elstree and I planned to drive the camera down there but they offered to have it picked up by UPS. Canon had the camera for just four days, they replaced the air duct system which apparently includes the fan and installed the firmware. They also did something with dust sealing so yes I’m sure they’re doing that with all cameras that come in now, mine was actually done previously when I had it cleaned.

      I haven’t tested the fringe issue yet, I’ll see how it fares on my shoot tomorrow. The colour balance is better with the firmware though, the tendancy towards greens seems to have gone and colours look more natural with default settings.

      It’s definitely worth having it done while in warranty, mine didn’t cost anything which was great of Canon UK, great service!

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