Canon EOS C100 MarkII Announced and available for pre-order

Update 10-02-2015

The C100 Mark II is now shipping.

Click here to view at B&H


I’ve just heard from B&H that they are now taking pre-orders for a Mark II version of the Canon EOS C100. Having a quick look through the specifications reveals some really important updates including the following.

• 1080p at 50 and 59.94 frames per second.
• Built in Dual Pixel AF including face detection AF mode
• MP4 recording option as well as AVCHD
• Additional Mic built in to the body for audio recording without the handle attached
• Body now includes mini joystick to allow full control without handle attached
• 3.5″ OLED Display with more position options and controls
• EVF Almost twice as large as the original C100 with a much better design (much like the C300)
• Built in Wireless support

The C100 Mark II is now available for Pre-order at B&H Photo for $5,499

Click here to view at B&H


Canon EOS C100 mark ii back OLED screen folded

Canon EOS C100 mark ii back OLED screen folded


Canon EOS C100 mark ii back oled screen

Canon EOS C100 mark ii back OLED screen


Canon EOS C100 mark ii back

Canon EOS C100 mark ii back

Canon EOS C100 mark ii with handle fitted

Canon EOS C100 mark ii with handle fitted






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6 Responses

  1. Chris Mackos says:

    We use your PJCineHD Profile for the C100s we have, just got a Mark 2. Any chance you will be making an updated profile for the Mark 2 that will match the PJCineHD profile you created for the Mark 1 C100s? I tried loading the profile onto the Mark 2, but it won’t recognize them :(

    • Paul Joy says:

      Hi Chris. If I get my hands on a MKII I’ll look at putting a matching profile together.



  2. Stephen says:

    Paul, (Moe) – my experience after receiving the C100mkII is that the new OLED screen has a slightly darkened green cast to it, but the WB worked correctly, so my shots appear more accurate once they’re on my editing system.

    I also discovered that the C100mkII doesn’t output progressive over HDMI in 23.98 or 29.97; in both those recording formats the output is 59.94i and I cannot test 60p because the Ninja 2 doesn’t record 60p, however when I select 1920 x 1080p 59.94 (60p) the Ninja 2 sees it as 59.94i as well – although this might be due to the Ninja not being able to record 60p.

    I have written Canon to find out if the C100mkII can output ANY progressive signal. Still waiting for the reply. If anyone knows the answer, please share! Thanks – s

  3. Moe says:

    Sigh! I just bought the C100 DAF!

    Question for you Paul,

    Whenever I custom white balance I get a green-ish color tint/cast. How’d I get red of that!

    Also the monitor doesn’t show actual colors, do you recommend any external monitor?

  4. Niles Harrison says:

    oh wow, i hadn’t even heard about this yet.
    better slow motion than my C300, but not as good as the FS7.
    thanks for the info.

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