Drone filming for Skinners TV commercial

In July 2020 I had the pleasure of working with my good friend Peter Naylor who directed and post produced this commercial for Skinners Dog Food.

Skinners | Jonnie & Fern
Skinners | Jonnie & Fern

Filmed in Rylestone in the UK I worked as the Inspire 2 drone operator using X7 camera to capture all of the aerial shots shown in the video. We primarily used the 35mm DL lens which is by far my favourite focal length for use on the drone as paired with the X7’s Super 35 sensor it provides a really nice field of view thats refreshing after seeing so many ultra wide drone shots from DJI’s smaller drones.

DJI Inspire 2 Drone Operator - waiting to launch

The views across the North Yorkshire landscape were spectacular and especially refreshing after being stuck indoors for so long through the recent pandemic.

Inspire 2 drone operator uk - dop

DOP and the main talent bathing!

Inspire 2 drone operator - planning the shot

Dir Peter Naylor pondering the angles!




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