DJI MIC – First Impressions

Today DJI announced another new product in the form of the DJI MIC.

DJI MIC - Charging Case

This is an interesting announcement from DJI as it marks their entry in to yet another market that is currently led by brands like Sennheiser, Rode, Sony & Shure.

Dual-Channel Recording

The DJI MIC offers dual channel recording with two clip on style transmitters using built in microphones. The single receiver takes both signals and splits them in to the left and right stereo channels that can be recorded using a single 3.5mm stereo TRS jack.

DJI Mic Review - Transmitters & Reciever


The receiver includes USB-C & Lightning ports as well as the 3.5mm TRS port making it compatible with mainstream smartphones, cameras and computers. It also features a headphone socket for monitoring which is essential if your camera doesn’t include one.


DJI have said that the system uses their latest encryption technology and is capable of recording crisp audio up to a range of 250 meters even in areas with high levels of interference such as train stations, malls and offices. The system uses the popular 2.4GHz frequency band.

Touchscreen Display

The receiver features a touchscreen display allowing you to monitor levels and access settings.

Built in Storage

Each of the transmitters has built in storage allowing the recording of up to 14 hours of audio. DJI state that this feature provides a failsafe in case of frame drops or other issues resulting from wireless connections problems.

Battery Life

DJI MIC - Battery Life

DJI have specified that the transmitters have a battery life of 5.5 hours with the receiver lasting 5 hours.

Charging Case

Both transmitters and the receiver fit in to a charging case which also charges the devices. This is a really interesting approach that reminds of Apple AirPods. DJI Suggest that 15 hours of use is possible when recharging using the case but each recharge takes 70 minutes!


The DJI MIC is currently listed on DJI’s Website at £289

Initial Thoughts

Personally I’m not a huge fan of rechargeable wireless units for professional use.  Having the ability to throw in some AA or rechargeable batteries may seem old school but it’s a reliable solution for long days.

There would however be a lot of instances where a 5 hour battery life would be more than enough. I can see this system being really popular with content creators.

Looking at the images of the transmitters they do appear to have input jacks although I can’t see any mention of lav mic compatibility. It would be nice if these can be used with lav mics as while they look quite small they are not always going to be practical to clip on to clothing.

The DJI MIC looks like a really interesting product. Its main competitor is going to be the  Rode Wireless Go II which is also cheaper at £240. Rode have been producing audio kit for many years so it will be interesting to see how DJI’s entry to the market stacks up.

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