Sony FX3 – Fixing the top handle!

How to fix the Sony XLR-H1 FX3 / FX30 noisy handle!

How to fix the Sony XLR-H1 FX3 / FX30 noisy handle!


I’ve been shooting with the Sony FX3 for a few weeks now and I’m really liking the camera. It’s obviously a big upgrade from the a7siII for many reasons and I’ll talk more about that when I do a full review of the FX3 in the coming weeks. There is however one part in particular that I feel lets the camera down, the badly designed top handle! Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that Sony have released such a small camera with the ability to use xlr audio but the design of that handle just doesn’t work for me so required some accessories to improve it.

Apart from some ergonomic problems with the handles design mine also made some plastic creaking sounds whenever I moved the camera around when held by the handle. In this video I show how I addressed the handle ergonomics with the help of a SmallRig handle extension as well as dealing with those horrible plastic creaking noises!


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