FX3 Rig Q&A + More FX3 Rigs

Sony FX3 Rig Q&A + More FX3 Rigs!

Sony FX3 Rig Q&A + More FX3 Rigs!


In this video I answer a few questions I’ve received on Youtube about the Sony FX3 Rig I put together a few weeks ago. I also show some alternative rig options using the same accessories.


1. How solid is the FX3 Rig?

I’ve found the rig to be very solid, in the video I show that I can easily hold the camera by the monitor with confidence that it’s not goign to come loose.

2. Does the monitor interfere with the mic?

I show that the position of the monitor can easily be adjusted to suit any mic fitted to the camera. Even when using a dead cat on the shotgun mic the monitor can be adjusted to give suitable clearance.

3. Does the rig fall forward with small lenses?

If you’re using a small lens then this FX3 rig will have a tendency to tip forwards. With the the weight of the monitor and the shotgun mic out front the camera is a little front heavy however I show in the video that the monitor can be mounted further back which will stop the camera tipping forward.

More FX3 Rigs!

I also show how use the same accessories to rig the FX3 when not using the XLR handle. I build my favourite compact rigs and show how these can be adjusted to shoot with & without a 3.5mm mic fitted. You can also view this video on my YouTube channel.


Kit shown in the video

The following are affiliate links. If you use these links to purchase products then I will make a small commission on the sale which is used to fund the production of these posts. Thanks for your support.

Camera: Sony FX3
Lens: Sony 50mm GM
Mic: Sennheiser MKH416
Cage: SmallRig 3278 Half Cage
FX3 Handle extension: SmallRig MD3490 Handle Extension
4″ Rod: SmallRig 1871 4″ Rod
6″ Rod: SmallRig 1872 6″ Rod
Rod Clamp: SmallRig 942 Rod Clamp
Monitor mount: Nitze N54-F5
Monitor: Atomos Shinobi
ND: Polar pro PMVND II 2-5

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