FX3 Rig Q&A + More FX3 Rigs

Sony FX3 Rig Q&A + More FX3 Rigs!
Sony FX3 Rig Q&A + More FX3 Rigs!


In this video I answer a few questions I’ve received on Youtube about the Sony FX3 Rig I put together a few weeks ago. I also show some alternative rig options using the same accessories.


1. How solid is the FX3 Rig?

I’ve found the rig to be very solid, in the video I show that I can easily hold the camera by the monitor with confidence that it’s not goign to come loose.

2. Does the monitor interfere with the mic?

I show that the position of the monitor can easily be adjusted to suit any mic fitted to the camera. Even when using a dead cat on the shotgun mic the monitor can be adjusted to give suitable clearance.

3. Does the rig fall forward with small lenses?

If you’re using a small lens then this FX3 rig will have a tendency to tip forwards. With the the weight of the monitor and the shotgun mic out front the camera is a little front heavy however I show in the video that the monitor can be mounted further back which will stop the camera tipping forward.


More FX3 Rigs!

I also show how use the same accessories to rig the FX3 when not using the XLR handle. I build my favourite compact rigs and show how these can be adjusted to shoot with & without a 3.5mm mic fitted.



Kit shown in the video

Sony FX3 – get prices
Sony 50mm GM Lens – get prices
SmallRig half cage – get prices
SmallRig handle extension – get prices
SmallRig 6″ carbon rods – get prices
SmallRig 4″ carbon rods – get prices
SmallRig rod clamp – get prices
Nitze monitor mount – get prices
Atomos Shinobi monitor – get prices
Sennheiser MKH416 mic – get prices
Sony mic spacer – get prices
Polar pro PMVND II 2-5 (82mm) – get prices

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