Sony FX3 AutoFocus Tutorial

How to use Autofocus on the Sony FX3 & A7s3
How to use Autofocus on the Sony FX3 & A7s3

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In this video I describe the Sony FX3 Autofocus system and show you what each of the settings do. I’m looking squarely at video autofocus with the FX3 here so while focussing for stills is very similar there are some differences that won’t be covered in this video.

I explain and demonstrate all of the Sony FX3 autofocus area options including focus transition speed, focus sensitivity, focus areas and face / eye detection. I then show how to register faces so that the camera can prioritise subjects and finish with a demonstration of touch focus and focus tracking with the FX3.

If you’re using an a7sIII then this guide will still apply although some of the buttons and controls may be in different locations on the camera.

Huge thanks to Gerald Undone and Casey from  Camera Conspiracies who kindly agreed to let me use their images in this tutorial.

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Kit used making the video

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Camera: Sony FX3
Lens: Sony 50mm GM
Recorder: Atomos Ninja V
Mic: Sennheiser MKH-416
Filter:  Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/8


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