Zitay NPF Battery Charger Review

In this post I take a look at the ZITAY NPF Battery Charger.

A Better Way to Charge Your Sony NP-F Style Batteries - ZITAY NPF Fast Charger Review
A Better Way to Charge Your Sony NP-F Style Batteries - ZITAY NPF Fast Charger Review

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Sony NPF batteries have became a staple in videography powering everything from cameras through to lighting and monitors. I use various sizes of NP-F batteries with my Atomos Ninja V and Atomos Shinobi monitors as well as my Aputure 60x light fixture.

Although the NP-F is Sony standard there are hundreds of different brands producing these batteries now and they have become increasingly cheaper to purchase from retailers like Amazon. I’ve found good success with DTSE branded batteries which I’ve purchased in three sizes, the smaller DSTE NP-F550, medium DSTE NP-F750 and the bigger DSTE NP-F970.

It’s common to see these batteries for sale with either single or dual chargers that require a standard USB adapter to operate. I’ve used a few of these in the past either connected to my computer or with a typical USB adapter like you’d use with an iPhone. The problem is these can take ages to charge, especially with the bigger NP-F970’s which can typically take 6 – 8 hours to charge. If you need to recharge a bunch NP-F batteries after a shoot then that’s not a great solution.


Zitay NPF Battery Charger

With this in mind I was on the lookout for a better NP-F charging solution and came across the ZITAY NPF Fast Charger on Amazon. The charger can be purchased with or without a dedicated 65W USB-C Power Adapter, I opted for the version with the adapter.

Zitay NP-F Fast Charger Zitay NP-F Charger Power Specifications

Since receiving the Charger I’ve found it to be much better than any NPF chargers I’ve tried before. The unit uses an interesting design whereby the batteries are connected vertically with the end down rather than horizontally like most chargers. This design allows four batteries to be connected whilst keeping the charging unit compact.


The centre of the unit has status LED’s for each battery connection showing the current charge state of each battery as well as showing which battery is currently charging. Depending on which batteries are connected the charger will either charge three or four batteries at once. If larger capacity batteries are connected it will start charging the three fullest batteries first and then switch to charging the fourth as soon as one of the other batteries is fully charged.

Zitay NP-F Charger Charging Specifications

Zitay Simultaneous Charging Specifications


In testing I’ve found that the DSTE NP-F970 batteries charge in around four hours from full depleted with the medium sized NP-F750’s taking around 2.5 hours.

Zitay NP-F Charging Times



In summary I’m really pleased with the Zitay NPF Battery Charger, it allows me to put four batteries on charge and know that they will all be charged within a few hours. The compact design is also great because it allows me to put the charger in a pocket in my camera bag and recharge NP-F batteries whilst on location.

Unless you have a suitable 65W Power Adapter I’d recommend also purchasing the supplied adapter is it allows the charger to charge your NP-F batteries in the shortest possible time.


Product Links

 ZITAY NP-F Fast Charger (Amazon)

DSTE NP-F550 – 2 x Batteries

DSTE NP-F750 – 2 x Batteries

DSTE NP-F970 – 2 x Batteries

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