PortKeys LH5P II Review

PortKeys LH5P II – HDMI Monitor with Wireless Camera Control!

In this video I review the PortKeys LH5P II. The LH5P II is a highly capable HDMI monitor with an impressive array of tools for filmmakers.

What makes this monitor so unusual is that it offers full wireless or wired control of supported cameras. Paired with the Sony FX3 I show how well this wireless control works and how useful it is to be able to see camera settings on an external monitor.

PortKeys LH5P II Review - HDMI Monitor with Wireless Camera Control!

PortKeys LH5P II Review – HDMI Monitor with Wireless Camera Control!


Table of Contents

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00:00 – Intro
00:13 – Unboxing & Overview
02:20 – Main Settings
07:20 – Function Interface
07:56 – Zebras
09:30 – Peaking
10:29 – Luma Waveform
11:17 – False Colour
12:29 – RGB Waveform
13:01 – Audio Meters
13:36 – 3d Luts
14:41 – Function Settings
15:17 – Rectangle Crop
16:08 – Histogram
16:39 – Aspect Ratio Guides
17:40 – Centre Cross Hair
17:53 – Grid Markers
18:05 – Other Functions
18:31 – Anamorphic & Colour Settings
19:09 – Connecting to Camera WiFi
20:07 – Focus Control
23:29 – IRIS, Shutter & ISO Control
24:35 – White Balance & EV Control
25:47 – Motor Control
26:03 – Top Buttons
27:10 – Multiple Functions
29:03 – Daylight Test
29:47 – Battery Life
30:14 – Final Thoughts

Products Shown

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Sony FX3
PortKeys LH5P II


Ethics Statement

Portkeys sent me this monitor for review. I am not being paid for the review and Portkeys have no influence on my opinions and did not get to see this review before it was released.

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