How to use Cine EI on the Sony FX3 with firmware v2.0

Version 2.0 of the Sony FX3 was released recently and one of the biggest new features is the ability to shoot using Cine EI. In this video I show how I set up my camera for optimum shooting using Cine EI and show how to shoot in Cine EI. I also show some drawback when shooting in Cine EI and a couple of ways to get around those drawbacks.

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How to use Cine EI on the Sony FX3 / FX30
How to use Cine EI on the Sony FX3 / FX30

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Table of Contents

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00:00 – Intro
00:13 – Overview of New Features in V2.0
00:44 – New Log Menu Structure
03:05 – Cine EI Overview
03:52 – Using the LUT
04:09 – HDMI Limitations in Log Shooting
06:02 – Using and Controlling the s709 LUT
08:14 – Cine EI Values Explained
09:28 – Cine EI Base levels
12:04 – Previous Log Exposure Method
13:26 – Exposing with Cine EI
17:55 – Setting Zebras to monitor blown out areas
21:43 – Flexible ISO & Cine EI Quick
24:17 – Limitations with Cine EI
27:58 – Closing thoughts


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