10 Sony FX3 v2.0 Features you might have missed

The v2.0 Firmware update for the Sony FX3 added some great new features to the camera including new menus, Cine EI and the ability to use LUTS. In this video I show ten more features that you might have missed so far!

IMPORTANT!!! Please note that updating the Sony FX3 to Firmware version 2.0 wipes all of your settings! Make sure to write down all your settings before updating. Once installed make sure things like recording bitrates and AF settings are set as you require them.

Sony FX3 v2.0 - 10 features you might have missed!

Sony FX3 v2.0 – 10 features you might have missed!

Table of Contents

These links open the relevant section on YouTube

00:00 – Intro
00:24 – AF Assist
01:39 – Swipe Up Function Menu
02:00 – Embed Lut
02:54 – Peaking in AF
03:32 – Monitor Flip
04:10 – Memory Recall Speed
04:44 – UI Speed
05:21 – Imaging Edge
06:04 – Shot Marks
07:05 – Display Specified Time
07:58 – Warning Before Upgrading


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