Vaxis Atom A5 Review – A Wireless Monitor That Records!

In this video I review the Vaxis Atom A5. As well as being a 5.5” monitor this device has the ability to transmit and receive wireless video signals as well as record HD video. I show in detail all the features this monitor offers as well as talking about my thoughts on it and who it might be a good fit for.

Wireless video systems are often used in video production to provide a director or a client with a monitor, or for use by camera assistants for remote focus pulling.

Where as you might normally invest in a monitor and wireless system separately, this unit provides both in an all in one lightweight solution saving you the need to mount, connect and power two separate devices. The unit also has the ability to record internally so there’s a lot for us to look at here!

Vaxis Atom A5 - A Monitor that Transmits & Records Video!

Vaxis Atom A5 – A Monitor that Transmits & Records Video!


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Vaxis ATOM A5 2 Pack
Vaxis ATOM A5 Single
Vaxis A5 Sunshade
Vaxis A5 Cage + Sunshade

Table of Contents

These links open the relevant section on YouTube

00:00 – Intro
00:24 – In The Box
02:59 – Build & Layout
05:54 – Exposure Tools
07:09 – Framing Tools
08:52 – Focus Tools (mostly!)
10:32 – Colour Tools
11:44 – Wireless Features
16:52 – Using Luts
18:00 – Settings Menu
20:09 – Recording
23:26 – Playback & Status
24:22 – Battery Life
25:29 – Final Thoughts

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