Sony Cine EI Workflow with FCPX

In this video I show how I use Cine EI on the Sony FX3 to capture a range of different exposures and then how I use custom LUTS in FCPX to adjust each shot quickly so that it’s displayed with correct exposure.

This same method will work for other Sony cameras shooting S-log3 with or without CINE EI using FCPX on a Mac. The luts should also work in other NLE’s and operating systems too, let me know if they help on your setup.

Download the PJ EI Adjust Luts

Sony Cine EI Adjustment Luts - Edit Faster & Easier!

Sony Cine EI Adjustment Luts – Edit Faster & Easier!


Kit Featured

Sony FX3 –
X-Rite Colour Checker Passport –

FX3 Rig – A Camera

Sony 24-70 II GM –
Sony FX3 –
SmallRig half cage –
SmallRig VB99 V-Mount Battery –
SmallRig Battery Plate –
SmallRig handle extension –
SmallRig 4″ carbon rod –
SmallRig XLR Top Plate –
Tilta Mirage Matte Box –

A7iv Rig – B Camera

Sony A7iv –
Sony 50mm GM –
SmallRig A7iv baseplate –
Niceyrig cold shoe 15mm Adapter –
SmallRig 6″ carbon rod –
Nitze monitor mount –
Vaxis ATOM A5 Single –

Audio Kit

Sennheiser MKH416 mic –
Sony UWP-D Kit with XLR –
Sony SMAD-P5 Adapter –
Rode Videomic NTG –

Lights used making the video

Aputure 300x –
Aputure 60x –
Amaran T4c –

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