Sony Cine EI Workflow with FCPX

In this video I show how I use Cine EI on the Sony FX3 to capture a range of different exposures and then how I use custom LUTS in FCPX to adjust each shot quickly so that it’s displayed with correct exposure.

This same method will work for other Sony cameras shooting S-log3 with or without CINE EI using FCPX on a Mac. The luts should also work in other NLE’s and operating systems too, let me know if they help on your setup.

Download the PJ EI Adjust Luts

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Sony Cine EI Adjustment Luts - Edit Faster & Easier!
Sony Cine EI Adjustment Luts - Edit Faster & Easier!

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Kit Featured

Sony FX3 –
X-Rite Colour Checker Passport –

FX3 Rig – A Camera

Sony 24-70 II GM –
Sony FX3 –
SmallRig half cage –
SmallRig VB99 V-Mount Battery –
SmallRig Battery Plate –
SmallRig handle extension –
SmallRig 4″ carbon rod –
SmallRig XLR Top Plate –
Tilta Mirage Matte Box –

A7iv Rig – B Camera

Sony A7iv –
Sony 50mm GM –
SmallRig A7iv baseplate –
Niceyrig cold shoe 15mm Adapter –
SmallRig 6″ carbon rod –
Nitze monitor mount –
Vaxis ATOM A5 Single –

Audio Kit

Sennheiser MKH416 mic –
Sony UWP-D Kit with XLR –
Sony SMAD-P5 Adapter –
Rode Videomic NTG –

Lights used making the video

Aputure 300x –
Aputure 60x –
Amaran T4c –

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