Category: WORK

Taylor-Lambert music video

  Filmed in an afternoon at a venue in Lowestoft, UK. This was a fast turn around performance music video for the band Taylor-Lambert.

REDD+ Deforestation Piece

  This video presents some expert testimonials who reflect on how the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change REDD+ policy framework, aimed at reducing global deforestation and forest degradation has been implemented, which challenges have been encountered to date, and how it might develop in the future. I filmed...

Harley-Davidson European Bike Week 2017

  Filmed and edited for Harley-Davidson at the European Bike Week event in Faaker See, Austria. Filmed using the Sony FS5 and A7sII.

Swiss Harley Days 2017

  Filmed and edited for Harley-Davidson at the Swiss Harley Days event in Lugano, Switzerland. Filmed using the Sony FS5 and A7sII.

Norfolk Superhero 2017

  Aerial film of the Norfolk Superhero 2017 event which took place on the 17th June. This is a team event consisting of pairs either of male, female or mixed. Teams must complete the whole course together in order to qualify for one or more of the trophies. Swim –...

Harley-Davidson Euro Festival 2017

  Filmed and produced for Harley-Davidson at the Eurofestival event in Grimaud, France. Huge thanks to the band “The Picturebooks” who’s music I used in the video as well as the coverage of their live performance at the event.