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Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro – six months in

I switched from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro CS5 about six months ago and have been using it as my main NLE ever since. Due to Apples recent launch of the not so pro FCPX there’s a lot of FCP users considering the jump to Premiere Pro so I...

12 core Mac Pro tests

“The 12 Core shows up as 24 CPU’s, all flat out in compressor!” My new Mac Pro arrived yesterday so I spent my evening installing apps and getting it set up ready to take over as my main editing machine. Once I had the basics installed I couldn’t resist running...

To the power of 12

Anyone that’s been reading my blog for a while will know that I’ve been waiting for a new Mac Pro to be announced before upgrading, well now that the fancy 12 core machines are available to buy I’ve placed an order for my next workstation.