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Must See: Slow it down

I absolutely love this, simple use of slow-mo (via twixtor), great music and above all some fantastic camera work with a Canon 550D. Well done to 17 year old Sacha Powell who is a studying Filmmaking at Brighton & Hove City College. Thanks to Pete Naylor for making me aware...

Must See: Flying People in NYC

How cool is that! Apparently these guys were creating as a marketing piece for the movie Chronical. Very creative!

Must See Film – PressPausePlay

You simply must watch this if you are even slightly interested in how technology is effecting the progression of art including music and filmmaking. It’s an absolutely gorgeous film and we are very privileged that the House of Radon guys are sharing it on Vimeo. Taken from the Vimeo page:...

Must see – The Third & The Seventh

I’ve just seen this video over at vimeo and it left me stunned. I can’t remember the last time I saw such a beautiful film, and this one is made even more special by the fact that most of it’s done in CG!