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Another Peli

I like to look after by gear and now that I’m regularly using a 35mm adapter and taking a selection of lenses, mics and other damageable bits of kit out on jobs I decided to invest in a second Peli case to protect them along with the 1560 I use...

Bags & Cases

I’ve added a couple of pages to the gear section covering the Peli hard case and Kata backpack that I use. Peli 1560 hard case Kata HB-207 backpack

Peli 1550 & 1560 hard case reviews

Anytime my EX1 is being transported or is just tucked away waiting for the next job it lives in a Peli 1560 hard case. These cases are waterproof, provide lots of protection against shock damage and generally just make you feel reassured that your precious camera is snuggled safe inside....