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Zitay Sony NP-F Charger Review

Zitay NPF Battery Charger Review

In this post I take a look at the ZITAY NPF Battery Charger.   Sony NPF batteries have became a staple in videography powering everything from cameras through to lighting and monitors. I use various sizes of NP-F batteries with my Atomos Ninja V and Atomos Shinobi monitors as well...

Ninja vs Shinobi Review

Atomos Ninja V vs Shinobi as a Monitor

I’ve been using the Atomos Shinobi monitor since it was released in 2019 so I’m pretty familiar with it now. When I picked up a Atomos Ninja V recently I assumed it’s monitoring features would be the same as the Shinobi, that’s not the case though. In this post I’m going...