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Brevis 35 Review

Firstly, let me begin by saying that this is not a full review of the Brevis, there are loads of good reviews of the unit on the web so you should easily be able to find one of those elsewhere. I most respects the Brevis is a great device, highly...

Dragons and Vampires

Here’s the results of my first hour playing with the Glidetrack. Read more & comment

Valve nostalgia

I wanted to try filming something against a dark background using lights so decided to make a short film based on my feelings towards setting up my guitar. I wanted to portray the mixed emotions I had about playing for a long time. I played in bands for many years...

Brevis – first shots

Today was a very significant day in my videography adventure, it was the day when I finally got my hands on a 35mm adapter! For anyone who doesn’t already know what a 35mm adapter does, it’s basically a device that you fit to the front of the video camera that...

Bubbles & Buckets

The kids were playing with bubbles in the garden so I decided to try and capture the moment.